PMMA Microspheres for Face & Body

Buttocks Enhancement and Sculpting

Retarding Age Signs

Minimally Invasive Approach

High Quality Affordable Cosmetic Surgery In Colombia

Buttocks by PMMA in USA

The thing is, PMMA microspheres have indeed been approved by the FDA in the US under the Artefill brand. However, are you really prepared to shell out $100.000 for having it injected on your buttocks? Artefill is not really the type of filler that’s needed for...

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Why is not possible having PMMA injections done in USA?

The question is, why should you go to Colombia to undergo a procedure that involves no major surgery but rather a minimally invasive technique which produces very minor traumatism as opposed to the long downtime usually needed for surgical procedures? Why is it you...

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Buttocks Enhancement in South America

Medical Tourism is a Myth Ladies who travel abroad for cosmetic procedures are often under wrong beliefs promoted by many South American countries on that "the more procedures they have done the less it will cost them" Driving people into taking unnecessary risks in...

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