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We offer dependable cost-effective Cosmetic Surgery to patients from abroad

Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference Aristotle. 384 B.C. – 322 B.C.

About Dr. Ferreira

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Chief Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Christian Ferreira, MD, is a plastic reconstructive surgeon with an interest in cosmetic surgery, specifically in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, breast surgery and gluteal augmentation. His goal is to deliver the best results to patients accompanied by the highest level of attention to detail and service.

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The Way I Work

My main interest in this stage of my carrier is directed towards those cosmetic procedures suitable for patients who come to Colombia looking for dependable service, great results, affordable prices and above all, safety and high medical standards.
For this reason, I believe that patients who come from abroad having limited time for the immediate postoperative period, should only undergo surgeries consisting in a main moderate surgical procedure and eventually another minimally invasive one; for example, a typical traveler on a one week journey could perfectly have breast augmentation in conjunction with blepharoplasty or maybe rhinoplasty and laser smartlipo;

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