Cosmetic Surgery in South America

Body and Face

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Butt Augmentation & Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttocks Buttocks
During the last decade the importance of the derrière within the context of beauty has continued to rise surpassing even breasts. Brazilian Butt Lift consists in using patient’s own fat to inject it in the buttocks in order to make them more prominent and perky; it is also known ... Continue Reading

Breast Surgery

breasts1 breasts1
This is perhaps the most requested cosmetic surgery as statistics show. It is a suitable procedure for patients on a short visit provided they do not require an extensive mastopexy (breast lift). Before getting to the substance let us clarify a couple of important points: Silicone gel or saline ... Continue Reading

Smartlipo Laser

smartlipo smartlipo
Smart lipo is the revolutionary technique to remove unwanted localized fat with minimal downtime without the unwanted side effects of traditional liposuction