The question is, why should you go to Colombia to undergo a procedure that involves no major surgery but rather a minimally invasive technique which produces very minor traumatism as opposed to the long downtime usually needed for surgical procedures?

Why is it you can’t have Bioplasty by PMMA done in USA? Believe it or not, indeed you can, if only you are prepared to pay USD 100.000 for it!

Although Artefill which contains PMMA has FDA approval for face corrections, its price for buttocks augmentation would be simply unaffordable besides being not suitable for use in buttocks due to its low viscosity. Currently Artefill has a viscosity of 1000 centistokes while the recommended for buttocks is 3000.

Artefill has been great for minimizing face aging signs, causing no health damages or side effects in any way; also fat dystrophy suffered by HIV patients have found nothing but outstanding results in microspheres treatments for restoring adipose tissues that considerably diminish because of their immune deficiency condition.

Whilst prices for doing buttocks in USA with Artefill remain to be an option for the rich and famous only, clandestine gates and underground activities flourish. The famous so called “butt shots” have taken hold of the scenarios; there isn’t anything worse than dealing with unknown chemicals under these terms, especially when we all have heard one way or the other, damages caused to people by these type of substances.

When it gets to the point you are actually purchasing under the counter, entering into the black market, not only you are jeopardizing your life but also you are not getting guaranteed products and final aesthetic goals needed either.

Then we look into South America, a continent with a long tradition in the buttocks field; for years bioplasty has been performed over here under medical standards. The technique and filling substance started in Brazil by the inventor Dr. Nacul.

New substances have been developed ever since Dr. Nacul’s original New Plastic emerged several decades ago. Issues such as migration of original brand needed improving. More advanced technology working in conjunction with specialists’ needs, patient’s feedback and instructions to address weaknesses of older New Plastic substance had to be overcome, it’s part of the dynamics of nowadays, non-stopping world.

Currently, a third generation biocompatible, non-migrating substance as per doctor’s specific needs have been developed, safe and viscous enough as to favor sculpting whilst at the same being long lasting.

Be aware also South America deals with clandestine procedures which use silicone oil, exactly the same stuff the underground illegal injector maffia handles.
South American doctors are several steps ahead in this field compared to places where buttocks are not all that important. Our population is basically young, extremely sexy and joyful not likely to undergo surgery unless inevitable and buttocks mean everything in this part of the world.

Bioplasty has gained its reputation throughout many years of research, practice, improvement, depuration of the techniques, feedback from patients until getting the experience needed to perform with excellence. We must have been able to do thousands of cases in order to know what we are doing.

Despite the predicaments generated by opportunism swarming like flies around this popular Latin honey plus all the efforts put into penalizing excesses of all kinds, Bioplasty itself under correct remains intact.

A nowadays approach for the dynamics of a hectic world, a procedure with very high records of satisfactory results. Microspheres greatly restore inner tissues poor condition due to the strong impact in the area that is subjected to heavy deterioration.

Inner fatty tissues and gluteus muscles quality diminish their volume and strength not only by age, but because of extreme slenderness, yo-yo dieting and other metabolism disorders.

Biocompatibility, non-migrating, no side effects offering the best version of your own self in terms of beauty, plumper and most important of all, safety.

Improved cross-linked custom made methacryl, especially designed for buttocks is legitimate and duly certified in this country.

The possibility of having Bioplasty legally done in USA with appropriate medical protocols, performed by a licensed doctor, will be a reality only when economic interests meet FDA’s policies, until then a new dimension within this important aesthetic next generation medical tool will be denied to doctors in USA thus continuing to benefit illegal injectors who are the ones to take advantage of this weird situation.