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Colombia, Growing Cosmetic Surgery Destination

Discover why every year more and more people are getting to Colombia for their nip and tucks

In the 90s when the word Colombia was mentioned, the only thing that came to mind was guerrilla and drug trafficking. Today the country has become a thriving tourist power with around 3 million foreign travelers a year thanks to the policies implemented over the last 15 years that have made significant progress in the fight against crime, the achievement of peace and reduction of poverty.

Of all the people who come to Colombia every year, a good number of them are cosmetic surgery patients who consider the country a reliable supplier of high quality medical services.

In Colombia, as in most South American countries, cosmetic surgery is widely spread and not exclusive to the wealthy. A combination of a higher U.S. dollar and euro, and cheaper operating expenses allows Colombian clinics to offer surgeries at a lower costs than everywhere else. Furthermore, medical schools in Colombia are at the same level than those of US or Europe and they are very demanding when it comes to graduating a specialist. Despite negative propaganda set by plastic surgeons in US and Europe setting skepticism and fears about traveling abroad which in combination with excessive demands from patients in their aims to undergoing overall transformations through surgery, vast amount of procedures yet not prepared to stay the needed post op  periods as to have medical clearance prior returning home, make an explosive conjunction bound to either have disappointing final turnouts or be scared to death about warnings back at home, instead of setting priorities right, opting for what is really needed and avoid the ‘ holiday’ vision behind fake ‘tourism’ marketing..

Colombia is steadily building a reputation for body sculpting procedures; upper and lower body areas to be enhanced/improved within most safety guaranteed environments.

Coming to Colombia for cosmetic surgery is such commonplace that it is estimated that 25 out of 100 plastic surgeries patients are from other countries, most commonly Spain, the U.S. and Canada.

Adding fuel to the current butt trend are celebrities; the increasing cultural diversity in the celebrity pool, such as Rihanna, the Kardashians or Jennifer Lopez, offers a diverse view on what is now considered attractive: 20 years ago, few women dared to request larger butt but now it’s not only common but a must.

Trends and paradigms in beauty have definitely changed over the last 2 decades: in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the trend was definitely “bigger is better” but nowadays cosmetic surgery procedures are becoming more normalized, aiming to eliminate plastic surgery stigmas and scalpel evidence.

Today’s trend is about harmony and balance; women want breasts and buttocks that suit their figures, they don’t want people to  know that something has been done, which is the way it should be.

People want to look better, not augmented, inflated, extravagant, grotesque, which means that surgeons have adapted their techniques and they know perfectly the importance of this issues; they know exactly where and how to use a product, like how to make the lip roll out so it looks natural. Nowadays patient’s demands have led surgeons to becoming real body sculptors.

How to have a successful cosmetic surgery abroad and not die in the attempt?

Very often the attractive prices of plastic surgery in South America cause ambition taking over patients; they start adding a little here, a little there and at the end of the day, the surgery ends up being a complete mummy makeover which is something to be seriously avoided.

It should be made very clear that extensive plastic surgeries require long recovery periods and medical follow-ups, here in Colombia, in the United States and in every other part of the world; hence it is essential planning for a stay according to the type of surgery but of course, if a long post operative follow-up is required, this would completely cancel out the initial advantage in the price of surgery itself being that the cost of being away from home would become be excessive.

Therefore, if you are looking for large-scale plastic surgeries it is best to request the services of a surgeon close  home.

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