Our History

In the 90’s we were a successful cosmetic surgery clinic located in Caracas, Venezuela. At that time the internet was still a novelty, very few people really thought about having a website. However, and thinking about the future, in 2001 we launched www.internationalsurgery.com, a site designed to publicize the expertise of Venezuelan plastic surgeons in their various sub-specialties.

It was important that our experience and impeccable track record be accessible to the English-speaking public and, above all, to present to the world a medical-surgical specialty that at the time did not have the popularity that the procedure has reached today, we are referring to Buttock Augmentation procedures, either by buttock implants, fat transfer (also called Brazilian Butt Lift) or by dermal fillers (also called Non-Surgical BBL).

At that time in the late 1990s, buttock augmentation caused a revolutionary impact in plastic surgery, similar to what breast augmentation surgery had in the 80s.

Throughout these last decades, buttock augmentation has produced a fundamental change in the aesthetic appreciation of the female body, which needed a counterweight that would give balance and equilibrium to a body that only stood out for the large frontal volume of the breasts.

With the experience of the founder of International Surgery, the great professional Dr. C. Ferreira, colleague and personal friend of another widely renowned in the field of plastic surgery, Brazilian Dr. Ivo Pitangui, the International Surgery center inaugurated its activities in 2001, on Isla Margarita, a jewel in the Caribbean, very little known at that time beyond the confines of our country.

The site soon became very popular, receiving patients from all over the world who came to enjoy a vacation to Isla Margarita and at the same time underwent the procedures that had gained us international relevance, not only for the impeccable results, but also for being pioneers in the an  extremely complex and very little developed field in the aesthetic field, such as buttock augmentation procedures. 

You can browse through the website.archive.org and see some old snapshots of our site.


At that time, the practice of vacationing for aesthetic corrections became a trend and came to be called “Medical-Aesthetic Tourism”. We, however, never marketed our services under such modality since we always considered the term “Medical-Aesthetic Tourism” as something absolutely contradictory, especially with a surgery as delicate as buttock surgery, which requires rest and no “vacation” activities such as sightseeing, swimming pool, sunbathing, beach sports and so on.

Irresponsible marketers of “packages”, “combos” and all kinds of misleading offers such as complete “Mommy Makeover” began to appear everywhere, dangerous formulas to excite and deceive people who visited these paradisiacal destinations with the purpose of undergoing various procedures with great discounts and under the “all-inclusive” concept. 

We were reaching a point of no return, the stay of international patients under a fantasy of vacation enjoyment and rushing to do tourist activities, were often turning into medical complications, not to mention that there was still the return trip of many hours to their country of origin. 

In the second decade of the 21st century, we decided to orient our activities towards less invasive aesthetic procedures. A growing number of competitors without the experience and professional ethics had emerged, which was seriously damaging our position as experts in the field of gluteal surgery.

We then considered it appropriate to merge with a Brazilian company developing high quality biotechnological projects related to tissue biocompatible substances to regain fat loss deficiencies  achieving most needed corrections with the most excellent outcome whilst totally avoiding surgical procedures.

Non Surgical BBL

Non Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift is a non-surgical procedure that uses dermal fillers to improve and enhance the appearance of the gluteal region either by increasing the volume of the buttocks, projecting them better, firming them and contouring the hips to improve the silhouette.

In our medical practice we use a high quality dermal filler based on PMMA microspheres, manufactured in Brazil. Below are some scientific articles on the use of PMMA in aesthetic buttock procedures.

Gluteal Augmentation with Polymethyl Methacrylate: A 10-year Cohort Study

Soft tissue augmentation with PMMA-microspheres for the treatment of HIV-associated buttock lipodystrophy

Aesthetic correction of lesion by post-liposuction corticoid infiltration using subcision, PMMA filling, and CO2 laser

Replacement of gluteal implants by polymethyl methacrylate filler: case report

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