Buttocks Bioplasty

Over the last decade, the importance of the buttocks area within the context of beauty has continued to rise, even surpassing the universally-coveted breasts. Butt augmentation via bioplasty procedures is currently the only real alternative for permanent and natural results.

Buttocks Bioplasty (Bioplastia in Spanish and Portuguese) is all about the enhancement and reshaping of the glutes diminished mass loss. Bioplasty involves a minimally invasive technique for Buttocks Augmentation that consists of injecting controlled quantities of a highly reticulated, third-generation biocompatible tissue filler; a professional joint effort with the goal of improving the substance originally developed in Brazil 30 years ago.

Contrary to popular belief, Brazilian Butt Lifts (i.e fat grafting or fat transfer) are not recommended for slim ladies who lack adipose tissues. Clandestine silicone butt shots have become such a serious public health concern that American doctors created the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) narrative to avoid being compared with illegal injectors. However, both procedures are equally ineffective.

On the one hand, fatty tissues from a slim lady will not be usable to produce any successful results towards buttocks enhancement. On the other, silicone shots aiming for buttocks augmentation are an extremely risky and unsafe procedure.

Doctors probably are failing to explain properly to slim patients that fat transfer suffers resorption; equally their poor fat quality will never produce buttocks enhancement.

The advantage of Bioplasty by PMMA is that patient is not required to have available fatty tissues nor liposuction is needed.

A Buttocks Bioplasty Case

A Buttocks Bioplasty Case

Bioplasty by PMMA employs a biocompatible, biodegradable, cutting-edge filling substance which has a friendly interaction with the human body. PMMA derma-filler generates and encourages both inner connective tissue growth, as well as the production of the patient’s naturally released collagen and elastin; this will benefit treated areas resulting into a successful, natural-looking buttocks augmentation performed as a non-surgical in-office procedure.

PMMA microspheres for buttocks/hips enhancement are in charge of producing strong inner fibers as a result of the human body’s natural mechanism to isolate foreign substances encapsulating them.

Buttocks bioplasty and Smartlipo in male

Buttocks bioplasty and Smartlipo in male

Soft connective tissue strengthening, along with a PMMA carrier substance that provides instant volume, make the ideal combination of factors towards a successful bioplasty procedure.

PMMA offers long-lasting corrections (although slowly biodegradable over time) to the extent of being considered a permanent substance.

Doctors have long been using PMMA in the fields of orthopedic surgeries, bone substitutes and a variety of other uses.

Orthopedics found in PMMA bonding gel the perfect ally for the most effective post-surgery development; furthermore, HIV patients have long had fat dystrophy conditions treated by performing bioplasty procedures, with nothing but outstanding final results.

PMMA has proven to be the best (and safest) filler over the years. It’s a compound made of perfectly-round and smooth microspheres, manufactured by extremely advanced technology, cross-linked with a benign, long-lasting vehicle to favor quick microspheres encapsulation as well as avoiding situations where microspheres are left on their own, with no cushioning or padding to wrap around them.

Key factors for a successful Bioplasty:

  • Duly certified cosmetic surgeon
  • Duly certified PMMA
  • Medical protocols and sculpting skills using restricted PMMA amount as opposed to stuffing/cramming substance without a professional criteria.

Final goals to be met by Buttock Bioplasty contemplate overall buttocks enhancement, which involves projection, definition, shaping, hips smooth enhancement and firmness.


A term that has become popular over the past years is “Butt Shots”, but this has nothing to do with Buttock Bioplasty.

This pseudo-procedure is nothing but silicone shots whereas Bioplasty by PMMA done by qualified cosmetic surgeons, is about using the correct biocompatible tissue filler within medical standards.