Vaser Lipolysis

Within our medical practice, we use selective criteria to determine what patients are adequate to undergo liposuction abroad.

Vaser Lipolysis is the ideal procedure towards a less-traumatic approach where fat and blood is duly discriminated, thus separating it to avoid vital fluids wasting, given that traditional procedures are bound to cause inner damage, which translates to longer recovery periods.

We’re reluctant to perform liposuction procedures on extremely slim people. There must always be some panniculus layers of fat underneath the skin in order to get a smooth, overall look that presents a naturally-padded figure, as opposed to extremely thin skin bound to become wrinkled, with no flesh whatsoever. Liposuction should never be approached as a weight-loss dieting program, (think of flash diets) definitely not the idea we’re trying to convey. Nor is liposuction ideal within the minimally-invasive approach, it should never be viewed as a weight-reducing method, but as a torso-sculpting procedure aimed to trim, shape and sculpt the entire torso and wherever else that’s needed.

Small-category tummy tuck, in conjunction with upper torso sculpting and tiny scarring (provided the patient fully meets the standards of total recovery) after a well kept pregnancy, is perhaps, optimum.

Even though the following considerations are a bit off-topic, we feel compelled to say that leading patients into believing fat transfer will actually serve as an augmentation strategy for increasing certain areas of the body that lack volume, projection and contouring, has generated false expectations. People who thought that transplanting their own fat to other parts of their bodies could be a solution, failed to realize that doctors probably failed to explain that fat lacks consistency and suffers from resorption.

The naked truth, is that adipose cells are living organisms that demand much blood irrigation in order to survive when transplanted, and this is a negative point to start with considering that the simple act of sitting and placing pressure on fatty cells means depriving them from obtaining the necessary oxygenation for them to complete the process of surviving.

We take full responsibility for the best torso-sculpting processes where Vaser is our main technology. The procedure is so advanced that nothing is traumatized inside, no disrupted veins or harmed tissues because Vaser works by ultrasound waves that actually melt fat, causing no inner damages to our bodies.

Many patients create an addictive habit to liposuction, developing a great deal of fibrotic inner tissues that will always form strong inner scars that show through thin skin’s outer layers, exposing uneven hardened areas, indentations, and tissues that are very difficult to get rid of.

Multiple liposuction procedures must be avoided even if Vaser technology is in place, this is because thin skin without inner tissue support will always make obvious, wavy tissues that are against successful tissues.

In our opinion, liposuction should not be used as a diet, it makes tissues become extremely thin; our point of view is that fat-removal is recommended only to eliminate localized fat and when there’s a need for contouring/sculpting; however, preferably, ideal patients are those who have not had multiple liposuctions in the past.

Aside from discriminating between fat and blood, Vaser Technology is the most advanced equipment to have for less traumatic liposuction fat-removal nowadays.

Vaser also works wonders in the elimination of a high percentage of silicone oil and Biopolymers. Vaser technology actually melts the substance while suctioning it at the same time.
In face stigmas due to injected products, Vaser and Laser technologies also work great.

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